Bottom Paint and Topsides Boat Paint.  We Are North Carolina’s Boat Paint Professionals.

Freshly painted hull
New boat paint on a 35′ Carolina Classic

Few investments can transform a vessel the way new boat paint can. The boatyard’s boat painters rank among the best in the business. We have a full boat paint facility.  We have the tools and technology to handle every marine coating. Our marine spray painters use all-epoxy primers.  They use the finest topcoats such as Awlgrip, Alexseal and Interlux.

New hull paint for a classic beauty
New boat paint for a 44′ Buddy Davis

A good marine spray paint job should last for ten years or longer with proper care.

—  Don’t use harsh detergents or abrasive cleansers. Use only a very soft, bristle brush or mop.  Be sure to rinse, especially where the water runs down the hull side.

—  Keep the boat clean. Dirt and acid rain can damage the boat’s surface.

New hull paint
Fresh paint and she’s headed back to the water

—  Wash down thoroughly to remove all salt after using, including the hull sides.

—  Wax the boat at least once per year, except for walking surfaces, or course.

—  Avoid ice damage; cover the boat during winter lay up.

Bottom Paint

The 'Reel Dyl' gets new bottom paint
Fresh bottom paint for this 21′ center console

We are North Carolina’s premier boat bottom paint specialist. We have the lowest boat bottom painting prices in the area.  So we apply antifouling paint to more than 100 boats — both large and small — every year. Bottom paint protects your hull from sea growth. If your boat stays in the water, it can take just one week for growth to appear. Bottom paint protects against such growth.

Cape Dory with fresh bottom paint
Bottom paint on 33′ Cape Dory

Anti-fouling paint (or bottom paint) is a special coating applied to the hull below the water.  It slows the growth of marine creatures that attach to the hull and hurt a vessel’s performance. There are many bottom paints out there.  The boatyard can recommend the right bottom paint for you.  We feature bottom paints from Interlux, Seahawk, Pettit and others. We are happy to advise do-it-yourself boat owners on products, preparation, primers, etc. Or you can hand the entire bottom paint job to us for quick, professional results. Contact the boat yard to schedule your bottom painting service today.

Anchors Away Boatyard‘s boat painters handle the biggest of finish jobs with our  3000-square-foot foot indoor boat paint facility.  Contact us today for information about refinishing your boat.

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Alexseal boat paint for yachts

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