Boat Winterizing

Boat winterizing gets your boat ready for winter requires much more than just storage. Properly preparing your craft for winter makes it easier to get back into service when spring arrives.

Anchors Away Boatyard’s winterizing services will carefully prepare your watercraft for long term cold boat storage. Depending on the needs of your particular boat, our winterizing technicians can:

  • Fog Engines.

    Protect your investment with proper boat winterizing strategies
    Proper boat winterizing can prevent tragedies such as this
  • Stabilize fuel.
  • Change engine oil.
  • Top off antifreeze.
  • Flush seawater from heat exchangers.
  • Winterize Batteries.
  • Drain Water Tanks.
  • Shrink Wrap.
  • Winterize Heads.

Additionally, Anchors Away can arrange for short and long-term storage of your craft. Winterizing your boat provides more than just protection for your boat’s systems.   First, it provides peace of mind.   Second, it makes things safer.  For instance, proper winterization eliminates the need for dangerous space heaters.  Further, the winterization process is also a good reason to do basic maintenance and safety checks as outlined in our Waterline Checkup.