DIY Boat Tips from members of our professional boating community.  Anchors Away encourages do-it-yourself boat repair and restoration.

DIY Boat Tips

Do-it-yourself boat repair is encouraged.

DIY Boat Tips: Finding the Right Yacht Broker. If I were shopping for a boat broker, this is what I would be asking:

“Are you local to my boat?” It really doesn’t make any sense to hire a boat broker who isn’t actually working pretty near your boat. Unless you have a million dollar yacht, brokers simply can’t afford to travel much to show your boat, and still expect to make a living. So hire local to your boat.

“Are you full-time, or part time?” The reason this matters is obvious. It’s fair to ask how many boats they’ve sold in the past 12 months, and what the total might be worth in round numbers.

“What kind of boats do you sell?” Through twists of background or geography, many experienced brokers develop market specialties — sailboats, or motorboats, sport fishing boats, luxury yachts or commercial ships. Get a broker that deals in the type of boat you are interested in. — Captain Mac McCotter, Middle Sound Boat Brokerage

DIY Boat Tips: Saving Fuel Using a Diver

There is an old adage that holds true with anything you own that requires maintenance, especially in a marine environment.

It simply states “Pay now or Pay later” and paying later always seems to cost more. This also holds true with taking care of your vessel’s hull and running gear. Keeping the underside of your boat in good condition will not only be more cost effective, but will also give you peace of mind, knowing that when you are ready to depart, so is your vessel.

A clean hull and running gear saves you money on fuel. Monthly cleaning reduces the chance of costly damage to below-the-waterline systems, as competent divers always inspect for early signs of electrolysis problems, failing thruhulls, or fouled transducers. Keeping all this up only takes, in most instances, a monthly service call from your local hull maintenance company.

Remember, “Prevention is always cheaper than repair” — Captain Barry, CUSI—Coastal Underwater Services Inc.

DIY Boat Tips: A clean boat sells fast.

We work with a number of boat brokers who tell us one thing over and over: Clean boats sell faster than the rest. In particular, we focus on three areas when we get a boat ready to sell:

1. Declutter. When you go to sell your boat, remove all the personal items. Think about removing some of the furniture or rugs. The idea is to make the boat seem larger, and at the same time, let buyers see imagine their own items in the boat, instead of yours.

2. Detail Job. Inside and out. No compromises here.

3. Engine Room and Bilges. An often overlooked area by the seller. Clean boat engine rooms and bilges make surveys go more smoothly, and really sell the boat to the discerning buyer. — Dustin Daniels, Ultimate Yacht Services


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