Fiberglass Boat repair. We repair gelcoat, blisters, delamination, and damage due to impact. Also, we paint boats.

Ask any surveyor or boat broker. Untended wet decks, gelcoat damage, blisters and cracks will destroy the value of your boat.  Protect your boating investment. Bring your boat back to her original beauty and strength. Contact us today.

Fiberglass, gelcoat and epoxy yacht repairs call for knowledge and tools that can exceed the ken of the DIY boat owner.  Improperly completed repairs can diminish a boat’s value, as well as its safety. Anchors Away has the experts you need. First, we repair fiberglass and match gel coat colors. Also, we provide boat repair services to boat dealers, manufacturers, and insurance companies. Of course, we use the finest materials from West System, Evercoat and Interlux and Awlgrip.

Gel coat chips? Cracks?  More serious problems like blisters or delamination? Storms, water  and collisions can cause fiberglass damage. We repair it all.  Our service techs have experience in all aspects of fiberglass yacht repair. Don’t let a small repair go untended.  Over time, cracks and blisters can do real damage.

Anchors Away Boatyard offers a full range of boat repair services.

Fiberglass Services:

♦ Gel coat repair and color matching.Fiberglass boat repairs

♦ Hull Blisters.

♦ Stringers.

♦ Stress Crack Repair.

♦ Delamination Repair.

♦ Repairs to Cored Decks.

♦ Fiberglass Boat Repair.

Surface scratches in gelcoat can often be buffed out by an experienced professional.   If more is required, we have the repair expertise to get the job done. Along with our network of industry professionals, we have broad experience in restoring and repairing a wide variety of boats. Our team of boat repair and yacht paint experts knows the ins and outs of your boat.  We’ll treat her with the same care and attention that you do.