hurricane-planning. Make Sure Your Boat Has a Safe Place to Go During a Hurricane
Make Sure Your Boat Has a Safe Place to Go During a Hurricane

Hurricane planning ain’t easy. They speed up. They slow down. A big storm can intensify and then weaken. Hurricanes change direction and then change again. You never know what course a hurricane may take. While some yacht owners wait until the last minute, wise captains prepare in advance for haul out and storage of their vessel. A cornerstone to hurricane planning? Hurricane haul out reservations .

A study by MIT after hurricane Gloria found that yachts stored ashore were far safer than sailboats and motorboats stored in the water. For many Wilmington boat owners and marinas, haul out of their boats is the foundation of their hurricane planning. Even on rare occasions when severe storms blow boats off jackstands, the damage they sustain tends to be less severe than the damage to boats left in the water.

Our Hurricane Planning Program assures you a safe and worry-free removal and storage of your yacht when a hurricane threatens. Members pay a single, low annual fee. They receive priority hurricane haul out and hurricane storage during natural disasters  — peace of mind during difficult times. The cost of hurricane storage reservations is often covered under boaters’ insurance policies.

Hurricane planning for your boat.
A Historical Look at Hurricane Paths

During a named storm, we only haul out boats that have hurricane reservations.

This ensures that we have all the people and equipment necessary to meet our customers’ needs, even during the emergency.

Space is limited in our hurricane planning  program. This ensures the highest possible service levels prior to a natural disaster.

Check your marina’s rules regarding hurricane boat storage.  They may require that you leave your slip in the event of a named storm.

Secure your hurricane boat storage at Anchors Away Boatyard. Contact us today for enrollment information and terms.