Waterline checkup:

Wise captains never venture out without knowing the condition of their craft and its systems. When you know your vessel is in top condition, you are better able to enjoy your time on the water. Anchors Away Boatyard’s Waterline Checkup assures you peace of mind.

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The following list identifies marine maintenance items that affect fun and safety afloat. Each boat is unique, so this list isn’t exhaustive. Based on your particular needs, the Waterline Checkup Pros at Anchors Away Boatyard can help with each of these areas:

Engines and  Generators

♦ Top off coolant.
♦ Inspect and clean engine sea strainers.
♦ Inspect engine oils, change if necessary.
♦ Change oil filters.
♦ Polish fuel.
♦ Inspect belts and hoses for looseness or cracking.
♦ Inspect engine room hose clamps, replace if necessary.
♦ Start and run engine.
♦ Ensure the engine exhaust and ventilation systems function properly.
♦ Visually inspect the fuel system for leaks or damage.

Hull, Decks and Running Gear

♦ Check seacocks for proper operation. Replace as necessary.
♦ Check for emergency plugs at all through-hulls.
♦ Examine rigging and lifelines. Repair as necessary.
♦ Inspect and service shaft stuffing boxes.
♦ Confirm all steering linkages.

♦ Check rudder shafts, stuffing boxes and bearings.

♦ Inspect boat bottom paint. Re-apply as necessary.

♦ Test sanitation system for functionality.
♦ Evaluate zincs. Replace as necessary.
♦ Examine propellers for dings, pitting, cracks and distortion.
♦ Confirm the propeller is secured properly.
♦ Check cutlass bearings, replace if necessary.
♦ Inspect hull for blisters, distortions and cracks that may signal osmotic water damage.

♦ Inspect keel bolts. Tighten if necessary.

♦ Inspect ground tackle for oxidation and wear. Replace/upgrade as necessary.

Electrical and Electronics

♦ Inspect and test bilge pumps.
♦ Check VHF radio operation.
♦ Inspect and test bilge blowers.
♦ Visually inspect all electrical connections for clean, tight, corrosion free connections.
♦ Check and charge batteries.
♦ Visually inspect bonding system.
♦ Check running lights for proper operation.

Safety and Comfort

♦ Minimum signaling and safey gear required by the USCG.
♦ Inspect and service all on-board fire extinguisher

♦ Service HVAC and refrigeration.

♦ Inspect and replace, if necessary, wine corkscrew and sun screen.


We also recommend boaters take advantage of the local US Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Boating Safety courses, as well its Vessel Safety Check programs. Do not take chances with safety. Boating is more fun when safety issues are taken care of professionally, starting with a waterline checkup before leaving the dock.

Adding a Waterline  Checkup from Anchors Away Boatyard to your boat maintenance plans means you’ll spend more time on the water, and less time fixing unexpected problems.  Of course, you can customize your Waterline Checkup inspections to meet the needs of your boat. Based on the results of your Checkup, we can work together to develop appropriate boat repair solutions and maintenance schedules. Contact us to schedule your inspection.